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My positive affirmations

July 3, 2013 4 comments

I do not know whether positive thinking works or not, but I do know that negative thinking drains you of the strength that you need to fight back. So, I am struggling to “think positive”. Apart from Aamir Khan’s classic “All is Well” mantra, I jotted down a few lines for myself. I read them out aloud every time I am down. At the very least, this is keeping negative thinking at bay.

My life will work itself out.

Destiny will stop littering my path with obstacles

I will get the wisdom to take the right step in every situation

I will reach great heights in terms of happiness and prosperity

I will have a lovely family- a caring and worthy husband, and healthy and fortunate children

I will have a stable and fulfilling job

I will have the ability to help others and bring smile to other people’s faces

I will be an asset to this world and a source of pride for my parents

Things will work out soon

In fact, I choose to believe that the process has started today itself.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.