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I whispered a prayer for You

April 11, 2013 5 comments

I whispered a prayer for you…

A tiny voice from the depths of my soul

Begged God to keep you happy and whole.

A brave little spark in my wounded heart.

Begged that we may make a fresh start.


A faint wisp of memory gives me a nudge

And I forgive you every hurt, every grudge.

A ray of hope boldly arises amidst emotional strife

I bid it to brighten your gloomy life.


Courage, long lost, rises from the dead

And I pray that you may forget me and move ahead.

For life is long and hard and bigger than this-

An unrequited love, a broken heart, a false promise.


Day and night must give way to one another

They are, but bound by nature’s tether.

Such is the way of this world, my friend

Our ill-fated saga cannot mend.


I pray for the best, for strength and for love.

I pray that we will be blessed by God above.

A new beginning awaits both of us, if only we were to seeI whispered a prayer for you

What goodness life holds for you and me.


And so, I whisper a prayer for you

With the hope, that you pray for me too

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For the love of my life- all I ever need is you

August 17, 2012 1 comment

All over the world I flew, searching for love, deep and true,
Not knowing, that all I needed was you.
I got burnt, I got bruised, even got friends for life, when we were through.
And still, tormented, I searched high and low, not knowing, that all I needed was you.

A faceless lover, a soundless voice, a disembodied caress, a memory faint.
I struggled to decipher life’s cryptic clues, I struggled against destiny’s restraint.
Each step I took, brought me closer to you, yet, I pushed you away, I resisted you.
Not knowing, that all I needed was you.

What makes you special? I know naught. All these years, you were just a guy.
Today, you are the air I breathe; deprived of you, I will surely die.
We have slipped into each other’s lives, such a beautiful, perfect fit!
As though we were always together, never apart, never adrift!

I wanna grow old holding you at night, kiss your face with the first sunlight.
I do not promise you all the joys of life, I know I will never be a perfect wife.
But I will stand by you for the rest of our days. You are the answer to all my prayers.
Every bit of love I have, is for you. Because now I know, all I ever need is you.

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A tribute to love

August 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Lost in the labyrinth of time, we drifted apart.
Though we were always linked, soul and heart,
Always meant to find our way back to each other,
Joined forever by love’s tether.
A new life begins for us this day on,
After a long, lonely night, a resplendent dawn.
I see the world in your eyes, feel heaven in your embrace.
The sound of your voice makes my heartbeat race.
Let me tell you today, I want you to know-
Be mine forever, don’t ever let go

We hid our feelings all these years
Our minds clouded by foolish fears.
Let nothing be hidden between us again,
Let us be together through pleasure and pain.
Through the celebrations, through the fights,
Through the busy days and beautiful nights.
Let us walk hand-in-hand for all eternity
Our lives filled with love and serenity.

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Loneliness knows me by name

April 16, 2009 Leave a comment

The only soul mate I’ve ever had-
My knight in shining armour,
Whose jealousy does sequester
Me from the rest of the world.
All human connections broken
For my disembodied lover.

My companion since I can recall,
Till the journey to my grave.
Yes, I, too, for human love do crave,
But the walls cannot be scaled,
The bonds cannot be broken;
And I remain my best friend’s slave.

I venture out; I reach out my hand,
I turn back spurned, I walk alone.
I see an image, it lingers, it’s gone.
Joys and sorrows go unshared.
I long for a change and tearfully wait
For the night to melt into an aureate dawn.

I remain fettered in the cage of my solitude.
Day after day it’s the very same,
I remain a gambit in life’s cruel game.
I search desperately for one true friend-
And run into my old companion-
After all, loneliness knows me by name.

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The Unforgettable Goodbyes

March 10, 2009 1 comment

As time has moved on with its lows and highs,
We have faded from each other’s lives;
But one thing never dies-
The bittersweet memories of
The unforgettable goodbyes.

With sorrow brimming in every gaze
And heaviness filled in every heart,
Reluctantly we parted ways,
Remembering the shared ecstasy
In the unforgettable days.

When worldly cares make me downcast
And there’s no one to share my grief with,
It is then that I think of the beautiful past.
How foolish we were to think that
Those joys would eternally last!

I wonder if you remember now
We promised we’d remain in touch.
But to that heat of ambition we agreed to bow,
Which made us forget all human obligations
And we failed to keep our final vow.

No trace is left of the severed ties
Broken in these turbulent years.
Nothing remains ,but, occasional sighs,
Conjured up by bittersweet memories of
The unforgettable goodbyes.

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Lead me home

November 25, 2008 2 comments

Damp roads bustling with human forms,
All in a hurry to go home,
They have a reason, I don’t.
Unbound by constraints of time and space,
I wander aimlessly in search of a face-
Someone who can lead me home tonight.

The cold discomfort of a void awaits me,
Unwanted, yet mine, where alone I’ll be.
A stark reminder of all I’ve lost-
Not wealth, but trust, the warmth of togetherness.
Can I ever find it again in this wilderness?
A hand to hold, to lead me home?

I look into your eyes, unsure of what to ask
But you know, you see what I’ve failed to mask
You too were betrayed, so you know my pain
An unspoken promise binds us together
Hand in hand we will walk forever
To live a new life, to cherish and never to lose again.

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Men in the Rain

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment

In the midst of winter, bleak and forlorn,
The world wakes up to a rain-soaked morn.

Those with the luxury, slip back under the covers
While many brace themselves to get drenched in the showers.

With the burden of a livelihood seeming heavier today,
Bus drivers, hawkers, workmen go on their way.

I sit in my room, a cup of hot tea in my hand,
Looking out of my window at this sorry band.

As I return the bold gaze of one who has stopped to stare,
My eyes fly to the cross nestled in his wet chest hair.

A realization hits-I share his god, his race, his final destiny,
But he cannot share my material world-what a cruel irony!

I find others like him-the denizens of streets
Within whose rugged exterior a human heart beats.

We survive on the legacies of their eternal labour-
The food we eat, the clothes we wear, pleasures we favour.

They are the unsung Atlases of our frail society.
We hold them in contempt, yet they are so mighty.

The lameness, the futility of luxury and opulence
Creates in my soul a storm, a turbulence.

The foundation of my universe is totally shaken-
The walls of caste and creed are suddenly broken.

Yes, they are my brothers-all those who are walking away,
For we were molded by the same Potter, from the very same clay.

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