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Random musings of a bookworm

September 12, 2015 2 comments

Every day, I promise myself that I will use the upcoming weekend for sightseeing, enjoying this beautiful country I am in, get out, meet people, burn off the fat that sneaks up on me unnoticed….

And then, Saturday morning dawns.

I initiate the obligatory “Cleaning Protocol”. Put things away, take out the trash, clean up my physical and virtual spaces.

In doing so, I stumble across a book. A hard copy (rare in my world today), an e-copy. Sometimes, a scribbled note reminding myself that I just have to get such-and-such book.

Sightseeing suddenly loses its appeal. I quickly finish up chores and settle down with a book. It is not advisable to be in the sun between 10am and 4pm anyway, so might as well read. If the book is too good, I might even disconnect the internet and turn off my phone to ensure that real life does not intrude. I must be easy to please, as that happens more often than not.

The enigmatic allure of books, their lusty siren song, the iridescent worlds they open doors to- I am a slave to all that. Although, I do think that in this fast-paced life filled with roller-coasters and unpleasant surprises lurking at every corner, it is a blessing that I have the time to read.

Last week I enjoyed Assimov’s “Youth”, am finishing up Hesse’s “Narcisuss and Goldmund” (Bye-Bye Weekend) and already got my hands on “The Martian” (did I say Bye-Bye Weekend?). As I settle down with my mug of hot chocolate and begin to meld into the lives of fictional characters, I make a silent toast to writers the world over- present and past and future. You guys are my heroes.

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Bitter Sweet Nothings

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Call it shayari, call it the stray tendrils of thoughts escaping from a multi-tasking mind. But sometimes, words come together in such amazing ways. I do not sit down to write something, or do not make efforts to sculpt an idea into a readable form always. Sometimes, sentences just flow through my head.

And I am callous enough to dismiss them. I am foolish enough to pen them down and then save them in a folder named “Incomplete”, hoping that someday I will be able to finish the thought.

But lately, I have realized that these little titbits are worthy of their own existence. They are not stillborn creations, they are not crippled writings. They have a right to live, and to be given due appreciation. They are no different from their other brethren, whom I polish at length before publishing.

So, here are these thoughts, these lines, which so frequently beg me to give them life, but never see the light of day.

1. Words are powerful in all their avatars- they are wizards, warriors, healers, enthrallers….But they cannot take the place of companionable silence- the true manifestation of love and

2. the tendrils of thought find themselves sneakily spreading out from an overactive mind trying helplessly to control them.


3. your mysterious smile,

the promises it makes,

the hearts it breaks,

the innocence it fakes,

the earth beneath my feet it shakes

I give it all it takes

not to fall to my knees and surrender

to your mysterious smile


4. Ek raat mujhs chaand ne kaha,

Tu dekhta to mujhe hai

Par khayalon mein koi aur rehta hai

Kya tumhein meri koi kadar nahin?

Kya tumhein, wafa ki kadar nahin?

Maina kaha, tumhari patthar-dil muskurahat ko dekh kar

Ek aur haseen chehra yaad aajata hai

Jise hamare pyaar ki kadar nahin

Aur jisne hume, wafa ko bekadar karna sikhaya hai…


5. Humne tumse ye vaada kiya

Ki tumhaare pyaar ko pane ke liye

Jalte sholon par challenge

Kaanton par, aur sheeshe par bhi challenge

Lekin tujhe paakar rahenge.

Par tumne to hame aise aazmaaya,

ki aaj bhi hum toote, bhikhare khabon ki sej par

tadapte hain, bilakhtein hai

Na jeete hain, na marte hain


6. Kehte hain ki dard jeene ka tareek sikhata hai

Lekin tumhare jaane ke dard ne

Hum jeete ji marna sikhaaya


7. Jab seene ke dard ko hotho ki muskaan se chupaana parta hai,

To har muskurahat dil par khanjar maarti hai.

Zamaana sochta hai, ki hume gir kar utthne ka hunar aata hai

jabki sach to yeh hai

Ki tumhari yaadein marne to deti nahin,

Aur meri tanhayi har pal jeene ki aas ko marti hai


8. Zindagi mein ab yeh mukaam aaya hai

Ki apne hi aansoo amrit ban chuke hain

More to come…..

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