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I wish I could get a dollar for each one I shed

(Even a cent would be enough, it would keep me clothed and fed).

I wish they could be converted into water pure

It would sustain Earth for billions of years, I am sure.


I wish I could locate a faucet to just turn off the damn things,

But then, they will just fill my heart to bursting.

I wish they would revitalize my skin and primp up my eyes,

When I cry, my heart bleeds through my eyes....

When I cry, my heart bleeds through my eyes….

Somehow, I wish they could wash away the pain and the lies.


I wish I would not see your face swimming in the drops,

I wish I would not see my broken dreams and stillborn hopes.

I wish that I could stop crying, for God’s sake,

An ocean of tears does not a bridge make.


I wish they would drown me once and for all,

And free me from life’s wherewithal.

I wish, that somehow good fortune would find me at last,

And these tears would then be a thing of the past.

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Day (437) – From Nothing

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One of the most incredible things I have ever read. Gonna try it tonight….

The Better Man Project ™



If you close your eyes late at night and just listen – you will hear the sound of nothing.  Before you close your eyes to fall asleep, open your ears as wide as you can, as if you are trying harder to hear something. You can feel almost the slightest of pressures on your eyelids…slowly rolling down to the tops of your cheekbones. Listen harder. And then, you’ll truly hear it.


No voice. No sound.

No chatter. No doubt.


And if you listen to this, the sound of nothing for a while, you begin to realize that it is that simple. Right now, in this moment, there is nothing. The absence of sound becomes louder – almost numbing the inside of your ears.

Your eyes blink open.

Then your eyes quickly blink back shut.

But that sound is gone. But the short grin isn’t. Because in that…

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I whispered a prayer for You

April 11, 2013 5 comments

I whispered a prayer for you…

A tiny voice from the depths of my soul

Begged God to keep you happy and whole.

A brave little spark in my wounded heart.

Begged that we may make a fresh start.


A faint wisp of memory gives me a nudge

And I forgive you every hurt, every grudge.

A ray of hope boldly arises amidst emotional strife

I bid it to brighten your gloomy life.


Courage, long lost, rises from the dead

And I pray that you may forget me and move ahead.

For life is long and hard and bigger than this-

An unrequited love, a broken heart, a false promise.


Day and night must give way to one another

They are, but bound by nature’s tether.

Such is the way of this world, my friend

Our ill-fated saga cannot mend.


I pray for the best, for strength and for love.

I pray that we will be blessed by God above.

A new beginning awaits both of us, if only we were to seeI whispered a prayer for you

What goodness life holds for you and me.


And so, I whisper a prayer for you

With the hope, that you pray for me too

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Words penned down while stuck in a traffic jam

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Kuch raat bhi jawaan thi
Kuch mausam bhi beimaan tha

Kuch kadam hamaare the beheke
Kuch jaam tumhaare the chalke
Kuch armaan the dil mein dehke
Kuch shole they aankhon mein bharke

Ki tum milgaye
Do pal ke liye, sab gham dhul gaye.
Laga tha ki do pal ka hi hoga intezaar
Ki janmon bhar saath hoga hamara pyaar.

Magar shaayad kismet ko ye na tha gawaara
Hamare bicharkar dobaara mil jaana

Aaaj woh raat phir se hai aayi
Tumhaari yaadein hain lekar aayi,
Magar tum na aaye.
Saath baithi hai meri tanhaayi
Aur suni hai ye fizaayein,
aur suni hai ye fizaayein broken-wine-glass

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Bitter Sweet Nothings

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Call it shayari, call it the stray tendrils of thoughts escaping from a multi-tasking mind. But sometimes, words come together in such amazing ways. I do not sit down to write something, or do not make efforts to sculpt an idea into a readable form always. Sometimes, sentences just flow through my head.

And I am callous enough to dismiss them. I am foolish enough to pen them down and then save them in a folder named “Incomplete”, hoping that someday I will be able to finish the thought.

But lately, I have realized that these little titbits are worthy of their own existence. They are not stillborn creations, they are not crippled writings. They have a right to live, and to be given due appreciation. They are no different from their other brethren, whom I polish at length before publishing.

So, here are these thoughts, these lines, which so frequently beg me to give them life, but never see the light of day.

1. Words are powerful in all their avatars- they are wizards, warriors, healers, enthrallers….But they cannot take the place of companionable silence- the true manifestation of love and

2. the tendrils of thought find themselves sneakily spreading out from an overactive mind trying helplessly to control them.


3. your mysterious smile,

the promises it makes,

the hearts it breaks,

the innocence it fakes,

the earth beneath my feet it shakes

I give it all it takes

not to fall to my knees and surrender

to your mysterious smile


4. Ek raat mujhs chaand ne kaha,

Tu dekhta to mujhe hai

Par khayalon mein koi aur rehta hai

Kya tumhein meri koi kadar nahin?

Kya tumhein, wafa ki kadar nahin?

Maina kaha, tumhari patthar-dil muskurahat ko dekh kar

Ek aur haseen chehra yaad aajata hai

Jise hamare pyaar ki kadar nahin

Aur jisne hume, wafa ko bekadar karna sikhaya hai…


5. Humne tumse ye vaada kiya

Ki tumhaare pyaar ko pane ke liye

Jalte sholon par challenge

Kaanton par, aur sheeshe par bhi challenge

Lekin tujhe paakar rahenge.

Par tumne to hame aise aazmaaya,

ki aaj bhi hum toote, bhikhare khabon ki sej par

tadapte hain, bilakhtein hai

Na jeete hain, na marte hain


6. Kehte hain ki dard jeene ka tareek sikhata hai

Lekin tumhare jaane ke dard ne

Hum jeete ji marna sikhaaya


7. Jab seene ke dard ko hotho ki muskaan se chupaana parta hai,

To har muskurahat dil par khanjar maarti hai.

Zamaana sochta hai, ki hume gir kar utthne ka hunar aata hai

jabki sach to yeh hai

Ki tumhari yaadein marne to deti nahin,

Aur meri tanhayi har pal jeene ki aas ko marti hai


8. Zindagi mein ab yeh mukaam aaya hai

Ki apne hi aansoo amrit ban chuke hain

More to come…..

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The Dreams Meister

November 19, 2012 4 comments

…the isle is full of noises,
Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.
Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments
Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices
That, if I then had waked after long sleep,
Will make me sleep again; and then in dreaming,
The clouds methought would open, and show riches
Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked
I cried to dream again.

Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Act 3, Scene 2

I fall asleep after a long, tiring, chaotic day. Amazingly, my brain finds the energy and resources to dream.

I find myself standing at the shore of… a sea? An ocean? I never could tell the difference. The landscape is bluish grey- I suspect that if I search the cloudy skies I will find a moon lurking somewhere. The trees are dark silhouettes, as are the huge rocks lazing around, oblivious to the brutal caress of waves. Déjà vu, my dreams have brought me here before. Something reminds me that those prior episodes have always taken place between the cool sands, so I begin to turn away from the water in anticipation of what will happen tonight.

But something catches my eye and I keep looking at the watery horizons. A form begins to take shape in the distance- It is a boat. I strive to catch a glimpse of the rower. They draw near.

A stray star escapes the hold of the wispy clouds and sends its rays streaming down. Something like a celestial Morse code. It- the starlight- is caught in the abyss of his eyes and they gleam. I recognize him with a start. It is him again! Those eyes, they have the power to hurt and heal. In the waking world, I could never look at them longer than a couple of seconds, because…..I just couldn’t. They subjugate me and make me bow my head in front of him. Or at least look away, if I am feeling too rebellious.

But in Dream Land, I can gaze into them to my heart’s content. I can feel the fire, breathe in the passion, let the compassion soothe me and let the raw desire undo me. I can look into his eyes, because I know, that when I wake up, there will be no harm done. In the real world, that is.

As he draws closer, I see a tiny smile flit upon those lips- the bottom one shaped like a crescent moon and the upper, like the dual masts of a pirate’s vessel. This describes him perfectly- a lethal combination of cold elegance and brutal power. How often had those lips loved me in the Dream Land! How often had they wrecked havoc upon me in the real world!

But tonight, they just beckoned me to take his outstretched hand and enter into his boat. As my second foot is about to disconnect from land, a doubt washes over me. What am I doing? Why am I going into unchartered waters? With him of all the people! His clasp on my hand tightens a bit, he has sensed the hesitation. What? Have you started analyzing your dreams while you are still within in them? He appears to be only half-mocking. I know he is referring to my pathological, obsessive tendency to analyze every word, every action in the real world. There, he claims that this is the main reason for my unhappiness and discontent.

I do not know whether it is the naked accusation in his words, or the hint of amusement in his eyes which finally undoes me. But I step into his boat. He gently draws me closer to him and lightly skims my spine. So straight, he murmurs, such regal posture. Makes you tower over everyone else, my midget. I ignore the words and the sensations and draw away from his touch and go to sit in a corner of the boat. He rows into the night, beyond the misty shroud which obscures everything, except for his eyes. Are they beyond the reach of even otherworldly powers?

The mist clears, and I find myself in a land of unspeakable mystery. I could swear that a cadence permeated the air; but when I strained too hard to listen, it seemed to disappear. I catch a glimpse of his face and feels his eyes telling me, do not analyze! My Meister commands me to feel, and, for the first time in my life, I allow myself to feel completely.

Your eyes…

What about them?

Don’t laugh at me.

Why should I? Laughter was once the embodiment of joy and pleasure. Humans have whored her and turned her into a veil for their insecurity, fears, anxiety and anticipation. But I still laugh for the old, pure reasons.

Your eyes…

This time he is silent, he waits for me to continue. I do.

One day, before you were born, the most innocent and beautiful of all angels woke up and stretched to dispel the last remnants of sleep. The sweat from her brow fell, and carried with it the pure aura of the heavens, and drifted further away. It touched God’s feet and absorbed his power. It swam through the ether, carrying a part of all the secrets that have ever existed in each and every one of the worlds. It survived the fire of Hades, and became embellished with the cruelty that abides there. It absorbed the whispered reverberations of your mother’s prayer and entered the real world to be a part of her wishes.

It became a part of you. Your eyes.

The silence stretched for eternity. Around us, a cacophony of colours executed a mystical dance. Strange life forms glided past. Alien worlds were close enough for me to touch. We passed through a wall of fire, unscathed.

He spoke.

You love me so much…even though you never say.

Why should I allow you to hurt me more?

Why don’t you trust me and have faith in me?

I can’t!

He got up from his place and sat next to me. In his arms, I found the ultimate contentment, joy and peace and knew that I could never let go.

He spoke.

Nothing is perfect, neither you, nor I. But we have to have faith in one another, if we want to live together. Where there is love, there will always be hurt, anger, resentment, pain, fury and a million reasons to break away. Love, by itself is not enough to overcome these. Love and faith together make the unshakeable foundation of a happy life.

I looked into his eyes once again- those enchanting pools of glory and power. I tried to say something, but felt as though I was being sucked into a vortex. I cried out, trying to hold on to him, but he pushed me away.

I awoke, groggily, left with nothing but fading fragments of my dream.

He came into focus. He was angry and irritated, shouting at me.

For once, I felt no hurt, no pain. Only a sudden rush of emotion and power. He must have felt it too, for he stopped in mid sentence and stared at me.

“Are you okay,” he asked.

“I love you” I replied.

He stared at me, speechless.

“I have loved you as long as I can remember and will always do so. Please get used to it. We have our differences, but I am sure we can work them out. I agree, I am too analytical and insecure and have a great difficulty in trusting you. But I promise you that I will learn to trust you and quit challenging you at every step. In return, I want you to treat me with respect and keep my opinions and preferences into account while planning something which will affect both of us.”

He stared at me, speechless.

After a while, he crossed the room and held me tight in his arms, breathing hard. I felt his hot tears wetting my hair. I heard his unspoken promises and relaxed. Love and faith together would keep our relationship secure forever.

My dreams had come true.

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Let’s make a mistake

November 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Beneath the first twinkle of starlight
Beneath the gaunt aura of crimson twilight,
Let’s make a mistake,
Let’s make a mistake tonight.

Have you ever gambled on a whim?
Have you ever chased a dream- fading and dim?
If not, then do it, make a mistake
Risk your life, risk your limb.

Do you live by the book, by the words of others?
Do you give them your desires to mutilate and smother?
Give yourself a chance, even though it might be a mistake.
For once in your life, listen to your heart’s quiet murmur.

Make a mistake, though it may bring you scorn,
Make a mistake, you are anyway forlorn,
Pleasing others is no life,
It is not for what you were born.

Why do you weave dreams only to toss them away?
You will still be unloved, you will still be a castaway.
Give unto others only as much as they need.
Drown not your desires in their selfish greed.

Once, just once, take my hand, let us run away,
Out the stark canvas, into the inviting grey,
Let us take the dreaded leap of faith.
Come, let us make a mistake, just for today.

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