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The Last Metamorphosis (The Change to End All Changes)

March 21, 2016 Leave a comment

I followed my heart down a meandering path- ignoring what worldly wisdom said.
Spurred on along by a tiny resolute voice, that drowned out the sage sounds of my head.
I broke and I shattered, the pieces I then gathered, and put myself back together again.
With every step, I left the world behind- they left me alone, the bitter and the kind,
And I trudged along, to change the predestined.

You get one life. One. Just one. But, you get second chances.

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The Lost Muse

November 10, 2015 1 comment

In the abyss of your smile
I glimpse my lost innocence
you take me back in time,
with just a touch, a word, a cadence

You are my lost muse
My missing spark
You are the tiny glimmer of light
Beyond endless sheets of dark.

A page has been turned,
A mystery has been revealed.
A hope has returned,
A fate, unsealed.

                “I wait for you to leave so that I can be alone with my thoughts.
My thoughts scream for you to come back.”

I am lost, I am found.
I am freed,
I am bound.

Envy courses through these veins once more,
Where blood long ago turned to ice.
For you belong to another…
Yes, rebirth comes at a price.

My heart- the sagacious warrior,
Its lessons well-learnt from tutors fine,
It stumbles not, it grieves not, it knows,
I lost you before I could make you mine.

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When its all done and forgiven

What remains

But memories and regrets

That arise unbidden

And peek around

A carefully crafted veil of oblivion.


You can bury the pain

You can walk past it everyday

Pretending that it does not exist

But it does, and you meet again.


In the endless depths of night,

When you lie cold and alone,

“What ifs” and “if onlys” make their presence known.

And you cry, in your pillow, in your sleep, in your dreams

But tears can’t wash away the past- no, its set in stone.


And then one day, you will laugh once more.

Joy will reign and all will be well.

But in secret recesses of your soul will dwell

Broken dreams and stillborn hopes.

From time to time you will catch their glimpse.

And hear the sickening sounds of their death knell.

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January 7, 2014 6 comments

I finally made it out…

Out of the wreckage, out of the rain.

Beyond the horrors, conquered the pain.Image


Its just me now…

Bruised, but wearing wisdom’s drape

Unbroken, and in better shape.


I have made it so far…

And the road ahead beckons- with all its rocks and stones

I am ready now, I can feel it in my bones.


My life testifies…

There is a balm in every poison.

A lesson there lies, in every treason.


My spirit trembles with the sweet revelation…

There is a welcome warmth in every scorching fire.

There is always ground below the greedy mire.


Look not at the thorns and briars,

Heed not the betrayers and liars,

Feel the love, the joy and peace.

Feel the power of your soul’s own grit.

And know that one day,

You too, shall make it.

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Autumn Rain

September 7, 2013 3 comments

Do you feel the moon crying tonight?

Its sobs muffled by thunder,

Its face behind the clouds

It weeps.

It mourns.

I listen.


Moonlight Rain by Sor4

Turbulent waves struggle to comfort the one, miles away.

They rise and fight again their fetters, only to fall again.

And the moon cries, alone, calls to the ocean…and its tears rain down.

I watch- an impotent observer, an empathizer, and I go back in time.

And I allow myself to remember, to feel and to regret.

I stand in the rain, my tears mingling with those of the moon.

It’s a lonely night, and I am stalked by memories.

The moon bleeds red.

The ocean beats its breast with sorrow.

The tears fall.

Today, nothing will stop them, they flow unabated,

Till hearts get exhausted and there is no strength left to cry.

The moon slips away,

Morning finds me lying on the beach.

The waves are calm once again.

We slip on the cloak of invisibility over our emotions.

And return to life.

As if last night never happened.

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June 20, 2013 1 comment

I wish I could get a dollar for each one I shed

(Even a cent would be enough, it would keep me clothed and fed).

I wish they could be converted into water pure

It would sustain Earth for billions of years, I am sure.


I wish I could locate a faucet to just turn off the damn things,

But then, they will just fill my heart to bursting.

I wish they would revitalize my skin and primp up my eyes,

When I cry, my heart bleeds through my eyes....

When I cry, my heart bleeds through my eyes….

Somehow, I wish they could wash away the pain and the lies.


I wish I would not see your face swimming in the drops,

I wish I would not see my broken dreams and stillborn hopes.

I wish that I could stop crying, for God’s sake,

An ocean of tears does not a bridge make.


I wish they would drown me once and for all,

And free me from life’s wherewithal.

I wish, that somehow good fortune would find me at last,

And these tears would then be a thing of the past.

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Day (437) – From Nothing

April 25, 2013 Leave a comment

One of the most incredible things I have ever read. Gonna try it tonight….

The Better Man Project ™



If you close your eyes late at night and just listen – you will hear the sound of nothing.  Before you close your eyes to fall asleep, open your ears as wide as you can, as if you are trying harder to hear something. You can feel almost the slightest of pressures on your eyelids…slowly rolling down to the tops of your cheekbones. Listen harder. And then, you’ll truly hear it.


No voice. No sound.

No chatter. No doubt.


And if you listen to this, the sound of nothing for a while, you begin to realize that it is that simple. Right now, in this moment, there is nothing. The absence of sound becomes louder – almost numbing the inside of your ears.

Your eyes blink open.

Then your eyes quickly blink back shut.

But that sound is gone. But the short grin isn’t. Because in that…

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