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Memories floated back to him as he listened to the radio. The song. The one they would sing by the river, holding hands, weaving dreams. He returned abruptly to the present. There was work to be done. He walked outside, and, touched a button on his shirt, blowing up everyone in the market, including himself.

First Love

I gazed at my lover, breathed in his scent and resolved never to go back to him. I looked at the woman who now held him. She stared back contemptuously. Ayesha touched my arm in concern. I pursed my lips and said, “Coffee shall not pass my lips again. Have to control this caffeine addiction.”


I approached the ascetic’s abode, feeling my tiredness draining away. “What can I do for you?” he asked kindly.
“I am lonely. I want a loyal friend to take me through life. ”
He nodded, reached into his satchel and handed me a wooden tablet. I turned it over. The mirror returned my startled expression.

The wedding night

I shuddered slightly as I remembered his touch setting my body aflame. I turned as my groom entered the nuptial chamber. “Are you nervous,” he whispered as he gently lifted my veil. “Yes,” I stammered. “Its my first time,” silently adding, with you.

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