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The Lost Muse

November 10, 2015 1 comment

In the abyss of your smile
I glimpse my lost innocence
you take me back in time,
with just a touch, a word, a cadence

You are my lost muse
My missing spark
You are the tiny glimmer of light
Beyond endless sheets of dark.

A page has been turned,
A mystery has been revealed.
A hope has returned,
A fate, unsealed.

                “I wait for you to leave so that I can be alone with my thoughts.
My thoughts scream for you to come back.”

I am lost, I am found.
I am freed,
I am bound.

Envy courses through these veins once more,
Where blood long ago turned to ice.
For you belong to another…
Yes, rebirth comes at a price.

My heart- the sagacious warrior,
Its lessons well-learnt from tutors fine,
It stumbles not, it grieves not, it knows,
I lost you before I could make you mine.

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