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Random musings of a bookworm

Every day, I promise myself that I will use the upcoming weekend for sightseeing, enjoying this beautiful country I am in, get out, meet people, burn off the fat that sneaks up on me unnoticed….

And then, Saturday morning dawns.

I initiate the obligatory “Cleaning Protocol”. Put things away, take out the trash, clean up my physical and virtual spaces.

In doing so, I stumble across a book. A hard copy (rare in my world today), an e-copy. Sometimes, a scribbled note reminding myself that I just have to get such-and-such book.

Sightseeing suddenly loses its appeal. I quickly finish up chores and settle down with a book. It is not advisable to be in the sun between 10am and 4pm anyway, so might as well read. If the book is too good, I might even disconnect the internet and turn off my phone to ensure that real life does not intrude. I must be easy to please, as that happens more often than not.

The enigmatic allure of books, their lusty siren song, the iridescent worlds they open doors to- I am a slave to all that. Although, I do think that in this fast-paced life filled with roller-coasters and unpleasant surprises lurking at every corner, it is a blessing that I have the time to read.

Last week I enjoyed Assimov’s “Youth”, am finishing up Hesse’s “Narcisuss and Goldmund” (Bye-Bye Weekend) and already got my hands on “The Martian” (did I say Bye-Bye Weekend?). As I settle down with my mug of hot chocolate and begin to meld into the lives of fictional characters, I make a silent toast to writers the world over- present and past and future. You guys are my heroes.

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  1. September 13, 2015 at 7:19 am

    An admirable piece of writing. Love the gliding movement of thoughts. Keep it up and let us have the pleasure of reading more of these.

  2. Shama
    October 7, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    Gr8 to have u back with this interesting blogpost, looks like reading has overshadowed writing!! But rightly said it is a blessing to have both time and zeal for reading, which seem to be diminishing these days with Internet being the top priority and these people do not even realize what they are missing 😉 !! Hoping to read more of your refreshing blogpost 🙂 . Keep writng Dearie..! MISS U, Take Care.

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