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When its all done and forgiven

What remains

But memories and regrets

That arise unbidden

And peek around

A carefully crafted veil of oblivion.


You can bury the pain

You can walk past it everyday

Pretending that it does not exist

But it does, and you meet again.


In the endless depths of night,

When you lie cold and alone,

“What ifs” and “if onlys” make their presence known.

And you cry, in your pillow, in your sleep, in your dreams

But tears can’t wash away the past- no, its set in stone.


And then one day, you will laugh once more.

Joy will reign and all will be well.

But in secret recesses of your soul will dwell

Broken dreams and stillborn hopes.

From time to time you will catch their glimpse.

And hear the sickening sounds of their death knell.

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