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Autumn Rain

September 7, 2013 3 comments

Do you feel the moon crying tonight?

Its sobs muffled by thunder,

Its face behind the clouds

It weeps.

It mourns.

I listen.


Moonlight Rain by Sor4

Turbulent waves struggle to comfort the one, miles away.

They rise and fight again their fetters, only to fall again.

And the moon cries, alone, calls to the ocean…and its tears rain down.

I watch- an impotent observer, an empathizer, and I go back in time.

And I allow myself to remember, to feel and to regret.

I stand in the rain, my tears mingling with those of the moon.

It’s a lonely night, and I am stalked by memories.

The moon bleeds red.

The ocean beats its breast with sorrow.

The tears fall.

Today, nothing will stop them, they flow unabated,

Till hearts get exhausted and there is no strength left to cry.

The moon slips away,

Morning finds me lying on the beach.

The waves are calm once again.

We slip on the cloak of invisibility over our emotions.

And return to life.

As if last night never happened.

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