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June 20, 2013 1 comment

I wish I could get a dollar for each one I shed

(Even a cent would be enough, it would keep me clothed and fed).

I wish they could be converted into water pure

It would sustain Earth for billions of years, I am sure.


I wish I could locate a faucet to just turn off the damn things,

But then, they will just fill my heart to bursting.

I wish they would revitalize my skin and primp up my eyes,

When I cry, my heart bleeds through my eyes....

When I cry, my heart bleeds through my eyes….

Somehow, I wish they could wash away the pain and the lies.


I wish I would not see your face swimming in the drops,

I wish I would not see my broken dreams and stillborn hopes.

I wish that I could stop crying, for God’s sake,

An ocean of tears does not a bridge make.


I wish they would drown me once and for all,

And free me from life’s wherewithal.

I wish, that somehow good fortune would find me at last,

And these tears would then be a thing of the past.

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