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Day (437) – From Nothing

April 25, 2013 Leave a comment

One of the most incredible things I have ever read. Gonna try it tonight….

The Better Man Project ™



If you close your eyes late at night and just listen – you will hear the sound of nothing.  Before you close your eyes to fall asleep, open your ears as wide as you can, as if you are trying harder to hear something. You can feel almost the slightest of pressures on your eyelids…slowly rolling down to the tops of your cheekbones. Listen harder. And then, you’ll truly hear it.


No voice. No sound.

No chatter. No doubt.


And if you listen to this, the sound of nothing for a while, you begin to realize that it is that simple. Right now, in this moment, there is nothing. The absence of sound becomes louder – almost numbing the inside of your ears.

Your eyes blink open.

Then your eyes quickly blink back shut.

But that sound is gone. But the short grin isn’t. Because in that…

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I whispered a prayer for You

April 11, 2013 5 comments

I whispered a prayer for you…

A tiny voice from the depths of my soul

Begged God to keep you happy and whole.

A brave little spark in my wounded heart.

Begged that we may make a fresh start.


A faint wisp of memory gives me a nudge

And I forgive you every hurt, every grudge.

A ray of hope boldly arises amidst emotional strife

I bid it to brighten your gloomy life.


Courage, long lost, rises from the dead

And I pray that you may forget me and move ahead.

For life is long and hard and bigger than this-

An unrequited love, a broken heart, a false promise.


Day and night must give way to one another

They are, but bound by nature’s tether.

Such is the way of this world, my friend

Our ill-fated saga cannot mend.


I pray for the best, for strength and for love.

I pray that we will be blessed by God above.

A new beginning awaits both of us, if only we were to seeI whispered a prayer for you

What goodness life holds for you and me.


And so, I whisper a prayer for you

With the hope, that you pray for me too

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