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Let’s make a mistake

Beneath the first twinkle of starlight
Beneath the gaunt aura of crimson twilight,
Let’s make a mistake,
Let’s make a mistake tonight.

Have you ever gambled on a whim?
Have you ever chased a dream- fading and dim?
If not, then do it, make a mistake
Risk your life, risk your limb.

Do you live by the book, by the words of others?
Do you give them your desires to mutilate and smother?
Give yourself a chance, even though it might be a mistake.
For once in your life, listen to your heart’s quiet murmur.

Make a mistake, though it may bring you scorn,
Make a mistake, you are anyway forlorn,
Pleasing others is no life,
It is not for what you were born.

Why do you weave dreams only to toss them away?
You will still be unloved, you will still be a castaway.
Give unto others only as much as they need.
Drown not your desires in their selfish greed.

Once, just once, take my hand, let us run away,
Out the stark canvas, into the inviting grey,
Let us take the dreaded leap of faith.
Come, let us make a mistake, just for today.

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