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October 13, 2012 5 comments

Hey…….M……this one is for you (again).
M, all my life I have dealt with lots of things. Made lots of plans. Had lots of goals. Relationships were not on any of these lists. Relationships were a prison to be avoided. Which I did, happily.
But then you came along, and everything changed.
M, I am a practical person, yet you make me dreamy and sentimental. You give me a reason to smile in the morning, a reason to come home every night.
I really miss you a lot and can’t wait to be with you forever.
I admit that I cannot cook or dress stylishly or do all those things which girls generally do for their lovers. Because I am a tomboy who avoided men like the plague.
But what I can do, is write.
And therefore, my love, I send my words your way, hoping they will give you a tiny glimpse of how I feel. So, read on………

You are the rainbow I see through my tears,
You are the sunlight that dispels all my fears,
You are my life, you are my reason to live.
Body, mind and soul- all I have, to you I give.

Every morn I wake up wishing to see you beside me,
Every night I fall asleep wishing you were holding me,
Every minute I am away from you makes my soul to sear and burn.
With you I want to be forever, for you my heart does yearn.

Come to me, my elusive lover, make me yours and take me away.
Hidden forever from the rest of the world, be with me night and day.
Let me take away your pain, let me dispel all your sorrow,
Let me love you my sweetheart, like there is no tomorrow.

Never, ever doubt the love that I have for you.
All my feelings, my emotions, my respect- all for you
Through the good days and the bad, I promise to walk by your side
Till the end of our days and beyond, let me be your loyal bride.

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