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For the love of my life- all I ever need is you

August 17, 2012 1 comment

All over the world I flew, searching for love, deep and true,
Not knowing, that all I needed was you.
I got burnt, I got bruised, even got friends for life, when we were through.
And still, tormented, I searched high and low, not knowing, that all I needed was you.

A faceless lover, a soundless voice, a disembodied caress, a memory faint.
I struggled to decipher life’s cryptic clues, I struggled against destiny’s restraint.
Each step I took, brought me closer to you, yet, I pushed you away, I resisted you.
Not knowing, that all I needed was you.

What makes you special? I know naught. All these years, you were just a guy.
Today, you are the air I breathe; deprived of you, I will surely die.
We have slipped into each other’s lives, such a beautiful, perfect fit!
As though we were always together, never apart, never adrift!

I wanna grow old holding you at night, kiss your face with the first sunlight.
I do not promise you all the joys of life, I know I will never be a perfect wife.
But I will stand by you for the rest of our days. You are the answer to all my prayers.
Every bit of love I have, is for you. Because now I know, all I ever need is you.

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A tribute to love

August 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Lost in the labyrinth of time, we drifted apart.
Though we were always linked, soul and heart,
Always meant to find our way back to each other,
Joined forever by love’s tether.
A new life begins for us this day on,
After a long, lonely night, a resplendent dawn.
I see the world in your eyes, feel heaven in your embrace.
The sound of your voice makes my heartbeat race.
Let me tell you today, I want you to know-
Be mine forever, don’t ever let go

We hid our feelings all these years
Our minds clouded by foolish fears.
Let nothing be hidden between us again,
Let us be together through pleasure and pain.
Through the celebrations, through the fights,
Through the busy days and beautiful nights.
Let us walk hand-in-hand for all eternity
Our lives filled with love and serenity.

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