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Random musings of a restless mind that has better things to do, but chooses to muse randomly instead

I sit at my desk, staring at the hour glass, watching as the creamy grains of sand gently, with servile subjugation and feminine grace, pour through the tiny opening, into the other side. They take with them a part of my life, a part of me. A part, that was yours, that you failed to notice.

My gaze shifts, I catch sight of the solitary moth tracing a mesmerised path towards a brutal light, that will entice it, love it and hurt it, all to preserve its own glory. I can almost hear the candle chuckle with carnal anticipation. I can almost see your face in the auriferous glow.
The wind rattles the window panes, and the noise echoes throughout the hollow corridors, like my sobs did when you left me.

The day dawns, ushering in a new start.
Workings of a sharp mind stifle the sobs of a broken heart.
I pretend that I am strong,
That nothing is askew, nothing is wrong.

It is the nights that I find unbearable. The unending nights that remind of the foolish dreams I wove on the loom of my heart. I spend these nights looking at the hourglass and then, resigned to my fate, I go to bed. My empty bed.

There’s a crowd, but there is no companion, no one.
There are so many lovers, but love there is none.
There is a soul, but it is alone.
There is a heart, but it has turned to stone.

The rain drums softly on the rafters overhead. Little children gleefully press their faces to the windows: yes! School’s out today! Young belles dance on the rooftops, giggling, romping and creating flutter in young male hearts. I look at them and my demons catch hold of me again. This is what I was before I met you.

The sweet comfort of sleep eludes me
Your face haunts my dreams relentlessly
You are my quest, my forbidden destiny
You, I want, for all eternity.

So out of my reach….Like everything else I ever wanted. So vital, like everything I ever needed. So fleeting…Like every memory I’ve ever cherished. Mine, but never close to me.

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