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A Life Divine

I. Incarnation

As angels sweep the nocturnal sky,
Singing praises to God on high,
As shepherds kneel in silent reverence:
In a lowly manger lies mankind’s deliverance;
Come to conquer sins on earth,
The son of God takes humble birth.

II. Joy

After forty days and forty nights,
The devil he defeats in a spiritual fight.
To preach God’s word he moves ahead-
Healing the sick, raising the dead,
Working miracles for the blind to behold,
For the deaf to hear and by the dumb to be told!


Betrayed to the enemy, abandoned by his own,
He suffers in silence- forgiving, yet alone.
Reviled, mocked, beaten and in pain,
The Lamb of God-for our sins- is slain.
“It is finished” ends his earthly sojourn
At the foot of the cross, his faithfuls mourn.

IV. Life

Three days hence, the world witnesses a miracle-
The coming true of many an oracle.
He conquered-once, and “for all”- Hell, infernal,
He left, with promises of life eternal.
He fills my cup with joy to the brim,
He died for me, so I live for him!

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