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I have lost my heart and can’t find it again.

It did not fly to another’s care, was not by Cupid slain.

It did not shatter to the sidewalk, its tears hidden by the rain.

It just shriveled up and died, when I failed to soothe its pain.


I heeded not its honest counsel; I heard its words no more,

The brain became my friend now, the brain I began to adore.

The brain helped them all come true- my dreams and wishes galore.

It sanctified all unhallowed things the heart would halt before.


And then one day I reached the zenith, one day my victory shone.

But that day I found no peace, my brain was still forlorn.

I sat and searched for joy, and joy there was but none.

Because my heart didn’t beat no more, because my heart had gone.

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