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I have lost my heart and can’t find it again.

It did not fly to another’s care, was not by Cupid slain.

It did not shatter to the sidewalk, its tears hidden by the rain.

It just shriveled up and died, when I failed to soothe its pain.


I heeded not its honest counsel; I heard its words no more,

The brain became my friend now, the brain I began to adore.

The brain helped them all come true- my dreams and wishes galore.

It sanctified all unhallowed things the heart would halt before.


And then one day I reached the zenith, one day my victory shone.

But that day I found no peace, my brain was still forlorn.

I sat and searched for joy, and joy there was but none.

Because my heart didn’t beat no more, because my heart had gone.

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Passing Fancies

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Do not read deep into these dark nights, my lover,

These nights set aflame by passionate whispers,

Where our dreams come true,

Just me, just you.

Heaven in your eyes, nectar in your lips,

Magic emanates from your fingertips.

As we snuggle in our sinful embrace

Your feelings show in your divine face.

This will never last, part we must-

We are here only to satiate our lust.

The world can never accept us as one,

But intimate follies can never be undone.

And if our world ends tonight,

If tomorrow takes my away from your sight,

Remember that I will love you forever,

I hide my emotions behind physical fervour.

Life must go on, no matter where we are.

Till then, let us enjoy the time that is ours,

Today is a mirage, fantasy’s bold flight,

Therefore my love, do not read deep into these nights.

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If the world ends tonight

November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Should the lantern of life cease to burn

Should Fate take that irreversible turn

Should you wake up alone one morn

Don’t be sad, don’t be forlorn.

Should there be no tomorrow,

Allow my love to dispel your sorrow

I want you to know how much you mean to me

For I do not know how long together we will be

If the world ends tonight, my love

If separated we are by the gods above,

Forgive me the pain, the hurt and the tears

And move on with your life, my dear.

Fate it was that brought us together,

And fate alone this bond can sever.

Curse not what shall come to pass,

Don’t ever forget me, your bonny lass.

Hold me tight, be mine tonight,

For I may not be here to see the morrow’s light.

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