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What I hope to achieve in the next one year…

September 5, 2009 4 comments

I have successfully completed one year as a PhD student. It was filled with ups and downs, but nevertheless, it was beautiful, because everything, no matter how insignificant, was unexpected. I learnt more about the world in general and myself in particular, than about immunology and juvenile arthritis. I shed fewer tears and shared a lot more laughs than ever before. I have started feeling like a grown-up. Above all, I have started feeling like a woman.

As I sat down to innumerate my achievements and progress in the past one year, the irresistible urge to peek into the future drew me in to a different realm of thought. It was not easy. Life is no longer confined to timetables and semesters, so it is difficult to read the crystal ball. However, I did pen down a list of all the good and great things that might happen in the days to come. Here they are:

• A paper?
• The end of my bench work?
• Marriage? (Naahhh!)
• A new laptop &/or a new phone?
• A trip to Slovenia?
• A niece/nephew- that’s definite, I shall not put a question mark in front of it.
• A Nikon camera?
• Increased fellowship?
• Will I have any hair left on my head by next September?
• I hope, for their sake, that Amit and Swamy will not be in the lab 364 days from now. I will miss them like hell and probably e-mail them thrice a day.
• Oh yeah, will the flow cytometer live to see another day?
• Will I finally learn to swim?
• Will I finally learn to make presentations just two days before I have to deliver them?
• Will I learn to cross the road on my own?
• Will I learn to cook? Fat chance, but then, I did learn to prepare tea in the last few months!
• Will my blog survive bouts of my inactivity?
• Will ANYTHING out of all this come true?

This is aaaaalllllll I hope for, nothing more.
will it ever happen?

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