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Checkmate: Part I

A million apologies to Mr. Archer for shamelessly plagiarising the title of one of his superb short stories; but my life is taking a turn similar to his tale.

Last week, I started learning how to play chess under the able guidance of my lab partners. I must confess, unlike most people, I find the game boring and…okay, I’ll say it, not challenging enough. Anyway, a couple of days back, Swamy was looking for a partner to play against. I volunteered. His response, “There’s no fun playing with you. You are pathetic.” The poor female ego was badly bruised. Yours truly purred sweetly, “I can’t wait to see your expression when I defeat you.”

“If you manage to defeat me within one year, I will do anything you say.” He replied nonchalantly.
I clenched my fists and teeth, mustered every single iota of self respect I had and threw the challenge: “Three months. If I don’t defeat you within three months, I’ll do anything you say.”

Hitherto the trend had been that whoever lost the last chess game of the day had to treat the rest of us to coffee. So far, SS has not spent a cent. So, my words created a major uproar in the lab. “Anything? Anything?” This was Amit, his dirty mind brimming with possibilities. Amit & Rajni are on my side- they want to see Swamy brought down and that too by a midget like me. Sushma is neutral. Pramod is confident that I will not be able to succeed. August 6th is the deadline.

This is it. I am practicing, and yesterday Swamy himself said that I have improved, but still, August 6th is not too far off. Anything can happen. Meanwhile, speculations are mounting, as to what task the loser will have to perform. I have been bombarded with suggestions, even requests. Amit & Rajni are coaching me with greater dedication than they will ever have for their research. Whatever, even I am eager to see how this saga will end. Well, time for me to get some practice. Oh dear, what have I gotten myself into?!

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  1. mom
    May 13, 2009 at 9:04 am

    Are you really and seriously into it??? Hope you win the bet. After all its the female determination that counts!!

    Dad adds: this was one game he could not master but your Uncles Ray and Sam were experts.Your grandpa was a champion of chess in the Railway club.May be there is something in the genes.

    Happy learning.

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