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Let me be…

Down I go along a long winding road,
Painfully aware of my cross, my load.
Its not sorrow, its not health,
Its not the pressure of dwindling wealth.
Its is the people around me that break my heart,
Tear me to pieces, yes, tear me apart.
They pretend to love, but they just want to rule
My life; they think I am a fool.
Well, maybe, I am, but this is me
Accept me as I am, this is how I’ll forever be.
Change is the law, change will come when it’s due.
I’ll change with life, why should I listen to you?
If you can’t accept me, leave me alone,
Unchain me, let my fly, wherever I want to go.
Pick out the log from this jaundiced eye of thine
And then look at the little speck in mine
Let me live, let me be,
I am also human, I am just me.
Forgive me, my friend, for this little folly,
But, Let me be…oh, please…let me be.
let me be

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