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Twilight Zone

Final musings of a dying man.

The fateful hour has arrived,
On ebony wings, at last.
Oh! Have I not craved and dreaded it,
In the not so distant past?

When days were full of gaiety and love,
All was bright and fine.
And I never wanted to let go of
This life-so exciting and divine.

But when clouds of self-doubt condensed into
Tears of anger and despair,
I wanted to escape and find refuge
In death’s stormy lair.

Life is, but a cruel mirage
That tricks us into believing lies.
And lets us down while we stand by,
With defeated, downcast eyes.

I’ve accepted my destiny all these years.
And I am looking for solace in death,
Begging for mercy from my creator
As I draw my last breath.

The twilight zone beckons me
To the end of my sojourn.
I see others facing what I’ve been through
When I hear my loved ones mourn.

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  1. April 8, 2009 at 7:43 am

    Nice but once again dark!

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