I have sipped the elixir of reminiscence
And felt the power of your presence,
A power so great, it bore a hole
Into my already traumatised soul.
A need resurrected, a hope reborn;
A desire is refuelled, a veil is torn.

Why are you not mine? I wonder.
My heart palpates in silent thunder.
Your face haunts my dreams all night,
On the story of my life, an indelible blight.
You’ve never been aware, you’ll never know
That I’ll never stop being a part of you.

Once, the echoes of my silence you failed to hear,
Once, my love was shrouded by the darkness of fear,
Once, a hesitation, a doubt, a loss impending.
Now, a void, a regret, a pain unending.
Never hide your feelings from the one you desire,
Lest you should be drowned in memory’s quagmire.

For nothing hurts more than the spear of remembrance
Punctuated drastically by a throbbing absence.
The once throttled feelings strangle me today,
The cacophony of unspoken words refuses to go away.
I cringe at the sounds of their reverberating screams-
I’m condemned to live with the shards of broken dreams.

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