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Twilight Zone

March 30, 2009 1 comment

Final musings of a dying man.

The fateful hour has arrived,
On ebony wings, at last.
Oh! Have I not craved and dreaded it,
In the not so distant past?

When days were full of gaiety and love,
All was bright and fine.
And I never wanted to let go of
This life-so exciting and divine.

But when clouds of self-doubt condensed into
Tears of anger and despair,
I wanted to escape and find refuge
In death’s stormy lair.

Life is, but a cruel mirage
That tricks us into believing lies.
And lets us down while we stand by,
With defeated, downcast eyes.

I’ve accepted my destiny all these years.
And I am looking for solace in death,
Begging for mercy from my creator
As I draw my last breath.

The twilight zone beckons me
To the end of my sojourn.
I see others facing what I’ve been through
When I hear my loved ones mourn.

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March 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I have sipped the elixir of reminiscence
And felt the power of your presence,
A power so great, it bore a hole
Into my already traumatised soul.
A need resurrected, a hope reborn;
A desire is refuelled, a veil is torn.

Why are you not mine? I wonder.
My heart palpates in silent thunder.
Your face haunts my dreams all night,
On the story of my life, an indelible blight.
You’ve never been aware, you’ll never know
That I’ll never stop being a part of you.

Once, the echoes of my silence you failed to hear,
Once, my love was shrouded by the darkness of fear,
Once, a hesitation, a doubt, a loss impending.
Now, a void, a regret, a pain unending.
Never hide your feelings from the one you desire,
Lest you should be drowned in memory’s quagmire.

For nothing hurts more than the spear of remembrance
Punctuated drastically by a throbbing absence.
The once throttled feelings strangle me today,
The cacophony of unspoken words refuses to go away.
I cringe at the sounds of their reverberating screams-
I’m condemned to live with the shards of broken dreams.

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March 15, 2009 3 comments

I don’t want to cry tonight,
Cry for us, cry for you,
Cry for the dreams that never came true.
Cry for the anger, cry for the pain,
Cry for my hopes so cruelly slain.
Cry for the ecstasy that never did last,
Cry for the ephemeral, iridescent past,
I don’t want to mourn the things unsaid.
As I lie down on my lonely bed,
The unbidden stream of tears I struggle to fight
For I know I don’t want to cry tonight.

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March 12, 2009 Leave a comment

In a world of vandalized promises,
By treachery torn apart,
Look for it, you’re sure to find
A broken, bleeding heart.

Surrounded by false friends
That tender hopes do thwart,
Crying in despair, there lies
A broken bleeding heart.

Searching for a kindred soul,
Of whose life it can be a part,
You can find the haunted wanderer-
A broken, bleeding heart.

Cocooned securely by understanding,
The process of healing starts,
When the gods bring together
Two broken bleeding hearts.

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The Unforgettable Goodbyes

March 10, 2009 1 comment

As time has moved on with its lows and highs,
We have faded from each other’s lives;
But one thing never dies-
The bittersweet memories of
The unforgettable goodbyes.

With sorrow brimming in every gaze
And heaviness filled in every heart,
Reluctantly we parted ways,
Remembering the shared ecstasy
In the unforgettable days.

When worldly cares make me downcast
And there’s no one to share my grief with,
It is then that I think of the beautiful past.
How foolish we were to think that
Those joys would eternally last!

I wonder if you remember now
We promised we’d remain in touch.
But to that heat of ambition we agreed to bow,
Which made us forget all human obligations
And we failed to keep our final vow.

No trace is left of the severed ties
Broken in these turbulent years.
Nothing remains ,but, occasional sighs,
Conjured up by bittersweet memories of
The unforgettable goodbyes.

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