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When dark waters are touched by silver moon rays,
When with stoic trees the cold wind plays,
A longing stirs the depth of my soul.
The pangs of regret bear a gaping hole
In my heart- it cries, unheard…
Flutters painfully, a flightless bird.

I hear a sound, I turn around –
Nothing but my own shadow to be found.
Betrayed by life, betrayed by love,
Betrayed even by heavens above.
Still failing to break the emotional ties,
Still burdened by the echoes of your honeyed lies.

There is a reminder in every heartbeat,
How love became a one-way street,
How trust became a toy, a pawn.
Yet I wait for the lovely past to be reborn.
Ready to welcome the prodigal renegade
Unwilling to let my hopes fade.

A new life can be built together.
A stronger bond can last forever.
Yes, I wait for you to return to me,
In all my dreams your face I see.
All I have-a silent thought, a tear;
With all my heart, I wish you were here.

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