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Ode to Death

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment

When the grass stops growing under my feet,
And starts growing above my head,
Love me still, though I will be dead;
Remember me evermore, keep me in your heart,
Let not cruel death do us apart.

Every end is a beginning,
Every beginning is an end;
Death is just a betokening bend
Beyond which there is no struggle or strife;
Death-the dawn of salvation, the denouement of life.

Why do you shed tears for the inevitable departure?
I’m glad to go, I’m glad to die-
I’ll be dwelling among the stars in the sky
In a baby’s laugh, in the tinkle of church bells,
I’ll be an angel of God-as the legend tells.

Death is the aura of life, the prelude to redemption
A momentary sorrow – then eons of rapture.
This elixir of ecstasy together we’ll capture,
For I’ll wait for you to take your last breath,
Then we’ll be united again by the power of death!

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December 3, 2008 2 comments

It was a fleeting glimpse-
A shimmer in the night,
Fantasy’s sudden flight.
With all the force of reality
From my thoughts it shook me,
To forbidden realms it took me.
A journey into the past
A kaleidoscope of memories burning my head.
Of pleasures experienced, of tears shed.
A desire to run back into the labyrinth of time
To rectify the then unforeseen errors,
To destroy the then unborn terrors.
To straighten out all that went wrong;
To live my life once again.
With new wisdom to begin a new reign.

Oh! Twisted, contorted, unchangeable world!
With your ugly gremlins of regrets!
I silently suffer as they torment me.
There’s nowhere to hide, nowhere to run,
For human follies can never be undone.
They soon turn into a ricocheting reminder of
How a small hour of pleasure became
A long lifetime of agony and shame.

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Fiery Tales

December 1, 2008 2 comments

Even the least patriotic India is shocked, flabbergasted and brimming with indignation. Our nation has once again been ravaged by terrorists, a calamity of such gargantuan proportions that is equalled in recent times only by the World Trade Centre incident. I feel a part of me has died with all those whose lives were cut short by a mindless act of violence. Although I have become practically accustomed to terrorist acts, this time, I could not shake off the feelings of anger, despair and disgust.

I do not know what sickened me more- sights of wounded/ orphaned/ dead infants, charred bodies or, the fact that, the perpetrators were young, younger to me in fact. Opening the newspaper, I looked at the face of the terrorist who has been captured alive. Except for the gun, he looked like a normal college kid, with his cargo pants, ruffled hair and backpack. He should be bunking classes to sneak out on a date, I thought, his worst crime being smoking in the college loo. Not this, not this carnage.

The economy will recover, the hotels will be rebuilt, and the evanescent patriotism will peter into oblivion, only to be resurrected by another similar incident. The dead will be buried, time will erode the brutal edge of painful memories, but the bereaved will forever be haunted by the thought that some insane “cause” wrenched from them the chance to say even goodbye to their loved ones. Along with life and property, another loss has been incurred; so many hearts have died to love.

The very minute the blasts started, some of my friends were due to land at the Mumbai airport and some others were in Pune. I came to know about the incident only the following morning. After several fervent attempts, we managed to contact one of them and breathed a sigh of relief to learn that they were all safe and sound. How I wish these words could be reiterated by millions of those who, instead, are mourning right now!

These saturnine days are a poignant reminder that life is short and unpredictable. Worse, it is very often in the hands of ruthless killers. We plan a beautiful life with the ones we love. We plan a movie, a honeymoon, a nursery for the newborn, only to watch them go up in smoke. No one is safe, no one is immune, we are all vulnerable and we are all helpless. All we have is two options: to live in fear, or in hope.
I choose the latter. Let’s spread laughter all around and accrue a myriad of immortal memories, so that, when our time comes, a gun totting militant can take away only our life, not our spirit. Bullets may riddle a million hearts, but they can never severe the bonds of love. We live on, with legacy of love handed down to us by those who left us so suddenly. I know they would want to us to go on, united, strong, with an indomitable will to enjoy life, or whatever is left of it. May their souls rest in peace.

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