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For better or for worse?

I have been debating for quite some time the merits and demerits of marriage. The outcome of this musing- in due deference to my penchant for procrastination- was always left undecided under the guise of insufficient support for either the pros or the cons. External agencies, however, always vehemently assured me that marriage is a necessary evil. Last night I asked my sister her opinion. She is still undecided. I feel that her intellectual abilities are solely devoted to creativity and fantasies. She has never displayed any talent for handling reality.

In my lab today, I realised suddenly that we encounter a different brand of people after the cessation of student life. The latter blesses one with friends that can be truly trusted. These friends become a part of one’s existence, because, they all share the same life. But it is different when one enters the professional field. You do not have friends on an equal footing. There is competition, no matter how subtle or how healthy. People will do you small favours, but essentially, you are on your own.

In such circumstances, the one who never felt lonely due to a multitude of bosom buddies, suddenly becomes isolated from the rest of the world. Friends become engrossed in their own careers. Siblings have their own families to handle. Parents…how long will they be around. Senility or death, whichever comes first, will severe the ties.

I hate to think of myself marooned like this. Lately, I have experienced pangs of loneliness- a need to converse, a need to be with someone. Grudgingly, I have to admit, maybe marriage is not such a bad idea after all. But it also entails so many complications, especially for a woman. So many adjustments, so much compromise, so much of servitude. All this merely for a few decades of human company.

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  1. felinemusings
    November 30, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Loneliness was one reason why I finally gave into marriage!!! But its like quicksand – it slowly pulls you down deeper and deeper. By the way creativity and fantasy are the products of a highly fertile and intelligent mind 😉

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