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October 23, 2008 1 comment

The alluring zephyr of destiny tousled my dreams

Forced me to love what could never be mine,

Crowned me the empress of a desolate ruin

Shrouded by the façade of opulence,

The calls of the Grim Reaper were

Mistaken for life’s sweet cadence.

A serpent’s hood, so magically transformed

Into a benevolent sagacious human face.

A bed of thorns so willingly embraced

In hopes of finding the safety of a cradle.

I looked up and saw a rainbow-

It was reflected in my tears.

I thought I heard a friend call,

It was an enemy baying for my blood.

I reached out to touch a heart-

It had died to love.

I closed my eyes, hoping to see the truth,

I saw my own soul drenched in sorrow.

I got up and stood upright; took a vow

Never to be fooled again.

Bludgeoned by the imposters, I nursed my wounds

And realized what I had known all along.

Life is a bittersweet symphony,

The wine of Cana and the vinegar of Calvary in the same cup.

I alone am real, the master of my Universe.

The rest squirm below my feet.

Beg for my attention.

But now, I turn away, for now I know

Never to fall for an illusion

But to believe in myself.

A lesson well learnt.

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